Saturday, March 27, 2010

Barnes & Noble Trip

Edit: Oh, and a big thank you to all the nice comments and new visitors interested in my work from seeing my work on Artist A Day
I was featured on 3.25.10, check it out daily.

I've been feeling pretty crappy (uninspired). Everything I draw this week is just blah, and I end up crumpling or ripping it up. I'm just about finished with the painting for the CA show, shipping it out Monday as I wait for the last coat to dry. Picture soon.
I decided to go to the book store, get out of the studio, maybe get some new inspiration. I ended up finding the ad for the show in CA in the newest Juxtapoz.

Then while browsing the art book section found Hunt & Gather. Wow it already hit the shelves, and in Barnes and Noble? Cool. I thought it was just going to be on Amazon. There was plastic on the cover, so I couldn't look through it. My copy is in the mail. Waiting (That's Sky holding the book).

I got a nude figure book, I like to stock up on reference material. Didn't get anything inspirational, there were lots of kids climbing all over the book shelves. I didn't really get a chance to look. However I feel motivated to keep working and move on with greater things. By this time the work in Hunt & Gather is not my best, and I'm really aching to do new personal thesis pieces that blow my old work away. I feel it. I need the space and time. And to finish back work, ugh ugh ugh. One drawing at a time :|