Thursday, March 14, 2013


A lack of confidence can really destroy one's career. I'm still not ready to show my new work. I don't know what is holding me back, but I have to figure it out. I'm hanging the last few paintings in my possession from my older work that haven't sold (or been stolen -_-). There is a showing tonight and tomorrow at Contrast. Just scroll for details, it's the only venue I've been showing at this past year while I've been in this uncomfortable cocoon state. I doubt how many people read this anymore since my inactivity. But if you want to go, there is no fee for entry.
I did another cover for Victory Records, for The Bunny and The Bear. One of those jobs where they just told me what to draw and I drew it. My style lent itself well to the look they were going for. It's not my most favorite piece, but it's cool, the fans seemed to like it and that's all that matters. I don't even want to get into the computer trouble I've been having. I had to work on a new machine for this, my imac was destroyed in the move. It's just been setback after setback. I'm having trouble getting myself to respond positively to anything I make recently (recently?). I didn't get the okay to post it but the first panel of four is on their facebook page and they animated it for a promo if you'd like to take a peek. I didn't do the type, carebear t-shirt or green bear t-shirt. If you're into the music you can preorder on the website.

So, I'm not even ready to share studies yet. I don't want to rush this. The message in my new chapter is very important to me, it just has to be executed as perfectly as I am able. I want the message to be complete, rather than showing one part of it. I feel like it's never going to get out there at this rate. I can't defeat myself more than I already am. I need to focus and pull through. Heading downtown to hang, I shouldn't feel like such a failure, but I do.

Edit... Oh and here is pictures from a commission I did over the Holidays. I still have to do a post of back work. The client seemed very happy, again, that's what matters. There are some close details of my work finally, but I'm still told it looks much better in person. I don't know how to translate my texture and subtitles with the photography, it just won't pick it up. Maybe taking pictures in sunlight? I've been told to do that but I'm a vampire... so... no, I'm kidding, obviously, I'll try that next time.

Now I've got to run.

Edit again, trying to find back work, it's all over the place. These were pieces from the last show (which was punk themed) I made just to sell and practice some painting techniques (just the drawings here). I was working down to the minute with the move and everything going on, I didn't get a picture before they sold. I still have the center one, I took a picture but can't find it at the moment. My computer files are a serious mess after they had to pulled from my old drive. I think I snapped one with my phone after I hung but that phone got destroyed too. I'll have to contact the person who bought them or try to pull the files from my broken phone later. Now I'm going to be late. Really have to run now.