Monday, June 29, 2009


I'm so frustrated. I still don't have my loft bed that raises my matress off the floor for my desk to go under, my apartment looks like an art/clothes bomb went off. Couldn't find tape, can't find pens. I'm calling it a night before I eat this. I really didn't want to tack this :(
Next step inks...

First ink layer on the left piece. After I lay down ink on the second I'm going to go in with some loose ink. I've never really worked with ink before, I made so many mistakes...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Transitional Period

Where did I go?! The Pratt show, Graduation, moving out, moving in (just got my internet a few days ago). I now live in uptown Manhattan. School was like a blow to my stomach, it knocked the wind out of me. But, OH the freedom. I've been filling up little sketch books with very lose work and writing. I feel re energized now and ready to start my projects (working on a few children's books and graphic novel and blah blah galleries, tons of stuff. Its too much of a headache to explain right now.)

So I did this very cliche oil painting. Pretty heads painted on wood? Very Audrey Kawasak (and I see tons of people emulating her). I mostly draw heads in my sketch book with brush pens because of size and freedom and this came out of a doodle I did. I don't think I meant it to look this Audrey-ish, but I guess she inspires me. The purpose of this piece is to be decorative wall art because I just bought tons of paisily blue stuff for my place. Also one of the gallery shows we are to have a piece on wood panel and this is a little practice. I think I'll keep it out of my portfolilo.

I'd LOVE to do my finished pieces this way but its oil and a ton of other stuff and it takes days to dry inbetween. I think I'll keep going with my oils on the side for my Gallery work and personal stuff. Maybe for the covers of the children's books I'm doing now. Hmmm...