Friday, May 21, 2010

Milk & Honey

Excuse the lack of updates, I've been working on a handful of oil paintings slowly. Insomnia. Time to get back on track.

*edit Some of the stuff I'm working on. Medium drying. Trying something that might be stupid.

Francesco D' Isa invited me to do a piece for Pornsaints. I'm working on this portrait of May Ling Su. I reworked it a lot, the drawing ended up a bit choppy. I'm going to redraw it onto my surface anyway.
I'm not settled on a title. My thoughts are still on this. If you are curious, I suggest reading about Pornsaints, the essay is really interesting. I decided to work around a theme of body fluids. Sex & Religion, Grotesque/displeasing to the senses & Sweet/pleasing to the senses...

Odin, basking in the lamp glow... right on top of my work.

I did this a while ago for the Moo pitch, but they weren't awarded the project. It was a really fast piece + two drawings. It's about Mayonnaise.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

CGLart store

Presenting the launch of my online store with Artsprojekt on

I started with some posters and postcards of my favorite work. Then designed some products specifically for the store that looked best. Obviously spot illustrations work better for a majority of the products, so some of my older, but favorite work is included. I couldn't pass up designing some shoes either.
If you have any requests... meaning you will purchase the product, I'll list it in the store. Suggestions are always welcome too. Some work that isn't my favorite happens to be viewer's favorites. Such as the Old Ocean piece and Puzzle girl. Concept wise, yes, but technically, I did them in school rushed while taking 18 credits of crazy Pratt classes. Maybe I'll recycle the concepts into better executed pieces in the future, that seems to work really well for me when I'm uninspired... reinventing past ideas with new perspective.

Some of the products I have for sale:

A Square Poster of 95% is featured in Dirty Dozen. Every week 12 products from the sickest artists and brands are featured on ARTSPROJEKT

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Lovers: Drawing Finished

Made some changes. I'm going to a color sketch... and I think I'm going to keep the colors limited. I just got some new paint, I can't wait. I was missing some vital colors... like a true magenta. I'm kind of sleepy... tea time.

(And thank you for all the nice comments. Is there a way to respond directly to comments on blogger?)