Monday, August 30, 2010

Finished Mirror Paintings

The openings were a lot of fun, went well. Lots of stuff in the works now. I'm still exhausted. I'll share some event pictures and details later.

Hung these wet, guy's arm got smudged. I think I'll work on him a little more before the next show. I'll have to shoot these again with an SLR for better quality, and some of the previous ones with better lighting. Grr.

Both are oil and pencil on cotton rag paper and wood.

Polar Vanity

Vain Duress

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

100th Post: Mirror Pieces

Made some changes to the female. I hope I have paper, need to transfer and start painting tonight...

No solid titles yet. These pieces go together, particular series in mind. They don't look it in the digital versions, I hope they will in the paintings. The thought process on the content was coupled.


Oil Paintings: Photographed

The triptych will be hanging in the G2 show: Opening Thursday August 19th from 7-11 pm at G2 Avenue A, New York City.
The others plus what I'm working on will hang in the Convergence show: August 27 at 9:00am - August 29th. Located at 68 Lexington Avenue at 25th Street. The 69th Fighting Regiments Armory.

"The Lovers"

Oil and pencil on cotton rag paper mounted to board, unframed
Summer 2010


'Little Red Death'

Oil and pencil on cotton rag paper and exposed wood
Summer 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Shows, New Piece

The upcoming shows I'll be in:

Convergence NYC: Art Benefit
August 27 at 9:00am - August 29 till. 68 Lexington Avenue at 25th Street. The 69th Fighting Regiments Armory.

"Convergence-The approach toward a definite value, a definite point, a common view or opinion, or toward a fixed or equilibrium state.

This “Convergence” was established in 2009 by two people who were separated by the Atlantic, and a few countries, who had the same vision. This vision was to come together and not only raise awareness for a non-profit that helps families of the military[Operatio], but to also raise awareness of the effect Art has had and can continue to have on people’s lives. This idea was that like war, art can greatly affect people’s lives.

In the spring of 2008 a soldier was put on orders to dabble in the effects of war herself. Over a year she documented and wrote stories about how the “war” in Afghanistan was affecting the people who not only she worked with but also the people of Afghanistan. She came to a point where she found it hard to express herself through the orders. At this point she really didn’t know what to do.

Contacting her friend in the states daily impregnated an idea of greatness, a convergence if you will. Her friend had the idea that maybe; just maybe, they should try to create an art show that will change the world around them. And from that point on, that was all she could think about.

And from that one shot of an idea, “Convergence NYC” was born.

People sent art from all over the globe to present in a show that would be held in a small part of Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. It gave the soldiers present in that area a moment to relieve themselves of the obvious surrounding burdens, and relax into a moment of creativity.

After seeing the response in Afghanistan, the soldier and her friend were blessed with the possibility to have this show displayed in one of the most historical places art has ever been a presence in; the 69th Infantry Regiment Armory on 68 Lexington Ave. NYC, NY.

For those who do not know, In 1913 the Association of American Painters and Sculptors put together the International Exhibition of Modern Art. This show displayed over 1,250 paintings, sculptures, and decorative works by over 300 American and European artist. Ex: Marcel Duchamp, Vincent van Gogh, Edouard Manet, Pablo Picasso, etc.…

This was one of the most groundbreaking events in American Art history.

The idea is to keep this tradition true. We want to open the Armory once again so the public can view the Art that is present all around them. From Fine artist to street artist, we want everyone to “Converge” and bring back the true Art in this world, the Art that people spend lifetimes making so that people like you can embrace, enjoy and forget where you are.

Convergence NYC is the next generation of artist coming to you from all over the world to slap you in the face with a movement that is going to Rock the Art world. There will be bands there will be Art and there will be lovers of art mingling once again in the Walls of the Armory. Come join the Market Place Gallery in August , we hope to see you there."

Mike. A Presents: A Group Exhibition at G2
Opening Reception Thursday August 19th from 7-11 pm at G2 Avenue A, New York City.

One of the new pieces I'm working on. It presented it's own problems, but I love working in this format. The circular wood panel was a bit expensive, but I was happy to have found it. 

Mid drawing.

I have a new internship starting in Soho this week. I'm going to be/am... so busy...

Here is my wall from 'No Biting' show on the closing day before the crowd. I sold half my work and some new shows from it. I don't know what is going on with the Nyack show... the communication just fell apart.