Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So, this has been un-canceled. The publisher really liked the sketch I was told. I still need to make adjustments and corrections for both. Like her overly bendy leg.
It took me a while to get the colors right. With a lot of objects in the piece, getting the right hierarchy can be difficult. Simultaneous contrast gets tricky. I just need to paint more.
I'm so beat.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hunt & Gather Book Coming Soon!

Oh, I'm so excited. Tina Ziegler (manager of the London Miles Gallery and director of this project), sent me the cover image for Hunt & Gather. It will be released internationally in February (2010)... wow... I just said twenty-ten... how future-y. (Too much coffee sorry). I hope this interests you to buy it when it comes out. Now that work is older though, I must have submitted it last winter. Exposure is exposure...
Find my pieces!

The site is undergoing a makeover, but here is the blog: http://www.huntandgatherart.com/ Has lots of great art posts, take a look.


I'm working on too may things at once. New work soon. How long have I been awake? How mangy Burroughs have I been in and back these past two days? Have I eaten?! Yeah... this is when I do my best work... as long as I don't pass out... or run out of cigarettes and coffee.

I took that stupid banner down. I added a picture of myself. Is that unprofessional? I really need some guidance, I feel like such an idiot and that I'm doing everything wrong. Mostly with everything that doesn't involve me drawing or painting, but dealing with others and representing myself.
I'll figure it out eventually. People skills were never my strong suit. If anyone would like to throw some advice at me, I'm open.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

95% Feline

This was originally a sketch for the lyric book I'm collaborating on. I was accidentally told the wrong song, so this is rejected. Boo... because I really like this. I'm finishing it for myself.
Here is the corrected drawing with some color added digitally. It's planned to be a limited color piece. The Antler Room piece I really want to finish too... too busy :/

"Ninety-five Percent" was the song it was drawn to. "Feline" is the renamed title. Here is an excerpt from that song if you're curious:

"Ninety-five percent of the time
Fucking bores her out of her mind
Whether she admits or denies
It's not every day that someone opens her thighs
The poor fools who think otherwise
Will be cuckolds all of their lives
When it's time to work the flesh
She is very often depressed
If she hears no beating heart
Her body will not play the part"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Postcard and revisions

*edit* Oh man! Thank you Lauren for saying something. I didn't realize how crazy the post office is. You can't send postcards with rounded corners for one... here: http://www.overnightprints.com/usps
SAVE that link! Gives you all the info to avoid being punished by nazi mailmen.

I did my new mailers, postcards, yesterday. I picked two pieces that I think have the most mass appeal. The Front image is tame enough to be acceptable for story book publishing, and content wise is heavy enough for editorial. Its a good example of a full color piece of mine. I took her nipples out and corrected some bad anatomy. The piece on the back, again can go for children's or editorial. The limited color is more appealing for newspaper and magazines. I plan to send out a heavier piece of mine to just magazines, galleries... places a nude girl being eaten out by a wolf won't be offensive.
I got rounded corners, which I think looks awesome. I hope they print alright :/

Post card Front and Back:



Sunday, November 1, 2009

With All Due Respect

Minor changes... more substance to the ground and color adjustments. I may do a few more for the book, if time permits. I'm really liking the freedom of this project.

Honestly this piece was a bit of a struggle at first after working with real media (mostly oil) for the summer. I now appreciate both digital and oil painting differently and I still want to find the best way to translate my work from start to finish. Either way, working with real oil has really helped some aspects when going back to digital. The mark making is what still frustrates me and what I had kept going over.