Wednesday, November 11, 2009

95% Feline

This was originally a sketch for the lyric book I'm collaborating on. I was accidentally told the wrong song, so this is rejected. Boo... because I really like this. I'm finishing it for myself.
Here is the corrected drawing with some color added digitally. It's planned to be a limited color piece. The Antler Room piece I really want to finish too... too busy :/

"Ninety-five Percent" was the song it was drawn to. "Feline" is the renamed title. Here is an excerpt from that song if you're curious:

"Ninety-five percent of the time
Fucking bores her out of her mind
Whether she admits or denies
It's not every day that someone opens her thighs
The poor fools who think otherwise
Will be cuckolds all of their lives
When it's time to work the flesh
She is very often depressed
If she hears no beating heart
Her body will not play the part"