Sunday, July 31, 2011

Full Victorian Halls Artwork & August NYC/CA shows

I had to wait until Victorian Halls' released the work first. But there are lots of goodies to look at from the project.

(click to zoom)

Above is the illustration in original color without text. It's a 4 panel cover, the lion and gazelle being the front panel. From start to finish it took a little over a week. There are lots of hidden meanings and little clues. It revolves around the seven deadly sins and the selling of one's soul. Look for the 'scepter face'. I have a painting from this past winter that was 'butter face' but no one really noticed the reference. I still need to upload my paintings. I'm so hesitant to though.

Check out the interactive Album preview here.
You can find larger scale details on Victorian Hall's Blog.
You can pre-order the album and get lots of art goodies on Victory Records website.

In their new video they are using the art on the posters in some backdrops, which is pretty cool. The giant box monster and plush toy monster look pretty sick too, (not related to my work).

Check out the video teaser:

Have you spotted Odin? Hehe. 
Odin artwork can now be found on Amazon and iTunes for Victorian Hall's single 'A Crush is a Crush'. 

I've been pretty burned out after this project. Not to mention the unbearable heat with no A.C. and my relentless insomnia. But whenever I take down time, I come back full of inspiration and motivation. I'm finishing painting the apocalypse heads for my next NYC shows. The first two (drawings here) are going to be at Niagara on August 4th, 2011. 9pm. 112 Ave A New York, NY. Plus some new works. Prints from commissions. Oh god do I have a lot of those... so behind, but deadline hasn't passed yet. I've got time, gotta chill out.

Al Benkin will be guest curating this show with the Antagonist Art Movement. 
Some very talented artists will be displaying a collection of work, 'things old, history, dream states, death and transcendence are a few concepts that levitated up through the phantom cracks.'

The next installment of The Contrast Art Show will be August 18th and 19th at 320 Studios. New paintings are already in the works and a rabbit installation is planned. Working on posters for it as well.
Most of my work is in California still from Launch. What didn't sell will be at The Artisan Gallery in Sacramento. The reception is on August 13th in conjunction with Sacramento's monthly art walk.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Victorian Halls Preview

I wanted to share a preview for the album I worked on. It is Victorian Hall's debut album, Charlatan, released by Victory Records. You can pre-order now on their website.
Follow Victorian Halls on Facebook to keep updated on previews of the art.

(Sorry for the quality, no photoshop on the guest computer)