Friday, October 30, 2009

With All Due Respect

I'm working on this Lyric Book collaboration. You can see the information under Brassens Project:

This is my drawing for one of the songs, "With All Due Respect". Here is an except from the translated song:

"A child of the street who never knew father nor mother
Wearing a little red hood she went off somewhere or other
Ironically she went to bring her grandmother cake
Speak to me of love and I’d put my fist in your face
If my respect were not so great

I waited for her one night, I waited up ‘til the dawn
I waited for a year, my waiting might still go on
But a clever wolf seduced my dear runaway
Speak to me of love and I’d put my fist in your face
If my respect were not so great

That bastard cupid in a typically sinister gesture
Dipped his arrow of love into a most poisonous mixture
The magic witches brew turned into a potion of pain
Speak to me of love and I’d put my fist in your face
If my respect were not so great"

*edit* Update:

I'm like almost there, but so frustrated with this right now. Fresh look tomorrow... or later today. Sleep.
And I always appreciate the comments! <3

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Koma Inu Tattoo

First draft drawing and just messing with color. For a client. It sort of scares me...

A Koma Inu is a Japanese guardian dog/lion. Their statues are usually always paired, one with an open mouth, one with a closed mouth. I'm sure you've seen them before.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Week Leave

I will be out of the studio for a week. All freelance work is on hold until I return.

Please enjoy this adorable picture of Odin :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This movie is INSANE.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tundra vinyl

Tundra, the band I did a 4 panel CD cover with in the Spring, commissioned me to do a cover for their vinyl release. Basically they wanted the drawing I did for a painting for a TTKA show, colored. Here are three versions, mind that it will be like a CD, so it breaks into two squares.

Working paintings, fearing eviction...

So here is what I've been working on. Planned to all go in the Twisted Fall show, but I was told " Nothing bloody, or noodles being eating out of a girls stomach or things of that nature." Hahaha. I think I might not put in the "Breast-Feeder" piece. I'm also including some other paintings I've done this summer that haven't gone to my TKAA shows. Also, update on the Twisted Fall reception. It is October 17th 5:30-7:30 and will be hanging everyday until December 17th. Check the previous post for more details.

"Breast Feeder" Since the last photo I repainted the deer because he looked retarded. Some details. This is about 85% done, just have to paint onto her face, clean up some things and draw over it with an array of pencils.

Currently "Untitled", but something about preteen violence (in response to American society). Well this didn't get very far.  This is a drawing printed out, on top of carbon paper, on top of my 18"x24" glorious pine wood panel. It looks stranger in the photograph because it isn't flat, but something is still irking me. Maybe because her feet are cut off... her hair is too poofy and her hand is too stiff. Gur :|

Digital sketch: