Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No Biting: Group Show NYC 22nd-23rd

This Thursday the 22nd, 'No Biting' will open at 6 p.m, on the 14th floor of 320 West 37th Street in New York City
It will be open the following day until 11 p.m. Don't miss it! It's in a lofted penthouse studio suite, with a balcony looking out onto the river and the NYC skyline. I am told there is live music and free drinks.

There will be a selection of twenty five+ artists including my dear friend Maria Ruggiano. Rustam Davletshin, an artist I graduated with, is one of the people who put this all together. This is a show by artists for artists. Some of the other artists include; Tracy Von Becker, Al Benkin, Edgar Gonzalez, and Jorge Valdes.

Here are some shots of the space.

Here are the paintings I'm finishing up.

And percentage wise, 75%, 100%, 90%, 75%. I have all tonight and tomorrow, I actually don't feel rushed, then again I've been working on and off these for a month+. I've also been amazed to see these pieces dry in about 24-40 hours. It's hot and I use a lot of medium. I changed the colors a bit on the Honey piece, she isn't going into the NYC show It needs another coat this one got too wet to keep working. The Nyack show, they keep pushing back the dates. It actually worked out so I didn't have to split the work. I think the pieces that will go into the NYC show are these three, plus the two oils from the Cornwall show, a couple of my favorite digital pieces and if room maybe a silk screen. I can't decide until I have it there and hang it which will be Thursday afternoon. Busy week ahead of me. Ah.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Peter, Painting

I've been painting away. I'd post more progress shots but the pictures come out pretty poor. Grainy, yellow, dark. I would like an SLR. I also think I need a new tablet. I spilled by water on it last night... still isn't working.

I revised the drawing of Peter for the triptych.

The sizes are all different now because I had to work with what I had (material wise). I picked these three size wood panels to hang in a particular way. I'll reveal some back story on the project when it's more complete.

And with (crappy) photos of the other pieces in progress. Both shown nearly finished.