Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Holidays 2012

There is a Contrast show going on tonight and tomorrow that I have work in (some new). The Barb Wire Dolls will be playing tomorrow night. If you're a fan of punk, you should try to make this show: November 30 and December 1st, 6pm-1am. 320W 37th Street, 14th Floor. New York, NY
I won't be there because I will be packing and moving. I finally found a new studio that has adequate living and work space on a freelance budget. Luck to anyone trying to do that alone in this city, it was very hard to find (and don't go to the south Bronx).
My new series is still in the early phases. I have to get caught up on some back work (always). My life has been consumed with my effort to improve it, but I am very excited to get back into the groove. I will also need to attend to my online presence and update everything. I'm considering starting a new blog for the new body. I wish I could purge the internet of my old work. I wouldn't delete this blog before redirecting, so you will be informed.
I will be getting settled and busy with the holidays. When I unpack my camera I'll upload some stuff from 2012. I hope to share my new series with you in the beginning of the new year and start participating in shows again.
Looking forward to 2013.
Stay safe, and have a great Holiday season.