Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Rabbits

Happy 2011. 

I've been dealing with a lot, then took a needed break. Back with new work for my upcoming show. I'll also be participating in the second installation of The Contrast Art Show. 
January 27th & 28th. 320 Studios. 14th floor, 320W 37th St. New York, NY.

For a 24"x18" wood panel to be painted.

I did this doodle at my friend's and started a looser painting with it. Camera phone, excuse the quality. I have my SLR now but not a connection cord. When I get going on the paintings I'll take some progress shots.

Reworked again. I'm including two of the faces from the first three and these for a series of 5. Face, phallic fox, face, fox, face.

My friend gave me a face shaped canvas, same place I got the rabbit shaped ones. Just going along with the portraits I've been doing. I had the idea of the room being filled with the forest paintings and have little faces staring out, like hidden mirrors.

My solo show opens January 22nd. I'll be doing a large installation painting through the weeks until the closing on February 3rd which begins The Year of the Rabbit.
The Rabbit Room. Brewers Mansion. 55 Waterbury St. Brooklyn, NY.