Sunday, March 11, 2012

Social Networking and Work note

I've deleted my personal facebook account, and with it went my fan page. Currently, anything found under the name Chelsea Greene Lewyta (or some combination of the name) on facebook is not published by me.
I'm listed on google+, but I don't use it. If I haven't responded to requests, please don't be offended. I'm stepping away from social networking right now.
I've also been receiving a lot of e-mails asking me about my experiences as an artist or illustrator which I haven't responded to at all. I apologize, but I can't seem to formulate a response.
So here is a general one...
I've been dealing with health issues prior to graduation and I've been struggling with nearly everything. I do not think I am a good candidate to answer questions about the field. I'm not doing and I haven't done much illustration work. Most the work floating around out there as my "illustrations" are works that I did for classes at Pratt. Post graduation, I've really just been creating work for work's sake, and whatever project came along that I thought I could do, I would do. I got invited to show my work internationally prior to graduating and I just kind of ran with it without really knowing about that side of the art business. I'm learning as I go, truth be told, I should probably be sending out some advice asking e-mails myself. I was more interested in doing personal or themed work for shows, than illustrating. A lot of my work is also unpublished, commissions by individuals, not associated with a company. I don't really know what you would define me as, besides the vague term of "artist", I'm still finding my niche. I only began painting traditionally in the Summer of 2009, with just a few traditional art clases under my belt. I have A LOT to learn. What I'm working on isn't really what I studied for, at least the business and practical side of it.
Conclusion: I'm still finding myself as an artist.

I have a bunch of projects I'm working on, but my health is really what I'm focusing on right now. I've been neglecting it for far too long. I'll keep this blog updated with work and show information. Two of my upcoming group shows are themed, one is skate decks- profits go to skateparks, and one is small works on paper.
I'm not taking any new projects on at the moment. I have a handful of commissions to catch up on, a donation piece, work for above listed shows, and lots of clinic appointments.

Take care.