Thursday, June 24, 2010

80 degrees is too hot

I had my hometown opening upstate last weekend, a benefit for animal rescue groups on the East river with some pieces donated earlier this week, I have a show opening in Nyack just a few weeks. I have to go back to barrow and take better pictures of the new paintings with a tripod and lighting tools. There were 20 pieces in all. Below are just my favorites and what isn't in my portfolio.

Working title is "Secrets". The drawing and some digital color to break up the shapes. It needs some more work. A little more space after the top of her head. What I plan to do is have pieces of the drawing on paper composed on a wood panel, and sand away sections. I started doing this process with another painting and I liked the texture. I bought new brushes and medium, have to finish this and the two other in progress oils done for the show.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crazy Week

Personal affairs.
A solid week of insomnia.
I got pretty sick.
My phone died (I smashed it).
I got a new phone, a smart phone.
My computer got a virus, thank God for smart phone.
Went upstate for Memorial Day, bought 20+ frames for upcoming shows.
I had to reformat my drive.
The color profiles on my printer out of wack, I had to run to a print shop in the a.m. to print invites.
Everything should have been mailed yesterday.
News for a show in Nyack in July. (details later)

So, no new work finished. I've also got a ton of missed calls and am missing all my contacts. Things still aren't settled here in my studio, please reach me by e-mail. Especially if you've been trying to reach me. That means you mystery number.

And finally, I can get back to work. Getting all the frames done was a huge load off.
This is barely even 2 hrs into both pieces from a few days ago. Also, I received my business cards in the mail. I thought it better to hand these out like candy and save the large postcards for mailers to potential clients.

Also, I don't know why but I keep getting Asian Porn spam comments on my blog. Please stop doing that, it's very rude.


Ah, almost forgot. You can now buy all these albums that I've worked on.

Bad Reputation

Pierre de Gaillande sings Brassens

In stores June 8th 2010
Show at the BELL HOUSE June 12th, 8:00pm

The pieces I did for this are in the book. With All Due Respect and 95%


"Toundra tell their stories through imaginative guitars and a rhythm beaten base. As slowly but surely, these stories explode and you're immersed in a flood of feelings that only large groups can make you feel.

(II) is a unique work and full of magic, an overwhelming and devastating evolution of a band that has found a personal sound and away from any label. A work of art that will surprise any fan of instrumental music, by its composition, strength, rhythm and sound level."

Toundra (II)