Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays 2011

Happy Holidays to you and your's.

A lot of people have been asking about prints. I will get my shop up asap. I'm very busy, as every one is during the Holiday season. Expect a launch soon after the new year.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


22x20" drawing

Original drawing, mounted, first layers.

Shows coming up, but details not confirmed. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chrysalis King & Chitin Queen. NY and Miami Shows

A few new drawings. I've been dealing with a lot. I have a lot to do right now.

Chrysalis King & Chitin Queen

The next Contrast Art show is tonight and tomorrow starting at 6pm
320 Studios, 320W 37th St 14th Floor, New York, NY

I'll be participating in Multiversal in Maimi December 1st-4th

Monday, August 22, 2011

Website Launch Summer 2011

This has been way overdue. My portfolio looks completely different now.
It's still the bare bones, I want to add in more content and finish the store.
If you find any errors let me know.

A few pictures from my space at Contrast:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Above is the 3rd head in the Apocalypse series. Pestilence, War, Famine. Death is next in the series, but I have to get a new piece of wood cut, my fourth panel was ruined.
I will have art books, prints, and tarot carrds for sale at the show this Thursday and Friday.

And here is a snap progress paintings with atmospheric washes. I am going for a thinner look, but these are far from complete. I have to go down town in a bit and set up the majority of my space for the Contrast Show. Must get supplies and finish by tomorrow's opening. I'm not using oil for these, I'm playing and experimenting as I go.

Small snippet of a piece I'm working on for an album. Not sure if she will be used.

Ophelia and Odin met.

Monday, August 8, 2011

In Progress: August

 Final Poster Design and Postcards for the Contrast Art Show this August. I made a bunch of patterns, this one has the word 'Contrast' mirrored with Jack's cat and my signature incorporated.

'320 Studios is proud to welcome the next installation of The Contrast Art Show. An art exhibition which puts together a variation of artists, artistic movement groups, and several upcoming galleries; in a frivolous attempt to show the rising styles and trends of art in New York City. A multifaceted show of beauty, performance and the creative spirit will split the night once again, in the form of 20 of New York’s top underground artists coming together all under one roof; Alongside an aerialist performance by Catherine Herrmann, a study in ambidexterity by Roman Zelgatas and a Sneak Preview of the FoXXy Face Clubwear Fashion Show'


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rough 5 of Pentacles

5 of Pentacles. 
Illness, rejection, anxiety.

I've been on operation save kitty mission. I've been distracted trying to save a stray... with half a tail. Taking her to the vet bright and early tomorrow. I'm exhausted.

This drawing still isn't resolved. It's a bad scan and missing about an inch on both sides. The stars I originally drew were too detailed and distracting. I used a short model and her shortness is bothering me. She is suppose to be very thin, but I may end up having to meat her up to look more anatomically correct. Original drawing 12x24"


Oh, and Victorian Hall's music video 'A Crush is a Crush' is out. Spot the posters? 

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Full Victorian Halls Artwork & August NYC/CA shows

I had to wait until Victorian Halls' released the work first. But there are lots of goodies to look at from the project.

(click to zoom)

Above is the illustration in original color without text. It's a 4 panel cover, the lion and gazelle being the front panel. From start to finish it took a little over a week. There are lots of hidden meanings and little clues. It revolves around the seven deadly sins and the selling of one's soul. Look for the 'scepter face'. I have a painting from this past winter that was 'butter face' but no one really noticed the reference. I still need to upload my paintings. I'm so hesitant to though.

Check out the interactive Album preview here.
You can find larger scale details on Victorian Hall's Blog.
You can pre-order the album and get lots of art goodies on Victory Records website.

In their new video they are using the art on the posters in some backdrops, which is pretty cool. The giant box monster and plush toy monster look pretty sick too, (not related to my work).

Check out the video teaser:

Have you spotted Odin? Hehe. 
Odin artwork can now be found on Amazon and iTunes for Victorian Hall's single 'A Crush is a Crush'. 

I've been pretty burned out after this project. Not to mention the unbearable heat with no A.C. and my relentless insomnia. But whenever I take down time, I come back full of inspiration and motivation. I'm finishing painting the apocalypse heads for my next NYC shows. The first two (drawings here) are going to be at Niagara on August 4th, 2011. 9pm. 112 Ave A New York, NY. Plus some new works. Prints from commissions. Oh god do I have a lot of those... so behind, but deadline hasn't passed yet. I've got time, gotta chill out.

Al Benkin will be guest curating this show with the Antagonist Art Movement. 
Some very talented artists will be displaying a collection of work, 'things old, history, dream states, death and transcendence are a few concepts that levitated up through the phantom cracks.'

The next installment of The Contrast Art Show will be August 18th and 19th at 320 Studios. New paintings are already in the works and a rabbit installation is planned. Working on posters for it as well.
Most of my work is in California still from Launch. What didn't sell will be at The Artisan Gallery in Sacramento. The reception is on August 13th in conjunction with Sacramento's monthly art walk.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Victorian Halls Preview

I wanted to share a preview for the album I worked on. It is Victorian Hall's debut album, Charlatan, released by Victory Records. You can pre-order now on their website.
Follow Victorian Halls on Facebook to keep updated on previews of the art.

(Sorry for the quality, no photoshop on the guest computer)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Goodies for you, Vacation for me

The shows this June kept me very busy. Following the shows I worked on a few commissions and had a couple paintings filmed in an upcoming independent movie set in Brooklyn called 'Leaving Circadia'.
The illustration I've been slaving over I can't show yet, have to wait for the release, but it should be in a few weeks. I drew a four panel cover for Victorian Hall's debut album released by Victory Records. It was a really awesome project.
When I have pictures and updates for both I'll be sure to share.

The Sakura Exhibition came to a close in NYC, and the prints were sold for charity for the Japanese natural disasters. 'The Lovers' print of mine, found a home, I'm very glad. The artists involved made desktop wallpapers with a sample of their work.

Check out the other artist's on the Sakura website.

I have something a little more personalized for you. I made custom patterns for the Victorian Halls project, but I didn't use this one so I decided to make patterned desktop wallpapers. Whatever system or screen resolution you have, they will work. They may even work with mobile devices if you have advanced settings. When you apply it as your desktop make sure you set it to 'tile'.
I don't mind if you share them, just credit me with a link to my work.

Choose from Rose, Mint or Lavender.

Sample of what it looks like tiled:

Later this July on the West Coast is the Launch 2011 Music, Design, and Fashion Festival. At the Greens Hotel I will have a room full of my work on display. Theres a lot of information for this show, please go to their website to read more.

This next week I'm going to be house sitting upstate and it is going to be a drawing and painting vacation for me. I have some personal work I want to indulge in, and a 3x3 ft private commission to get started on. Odin is coming along with me.

I'll be back with new work, way over due for an update, gotta get the website sorted out too. Enjoy the start of summer!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Faces of the Apocalypse 2/4 & 4 Current Exhibitions

I have to get in the shower and get down town a bit early to continue my painting. It always seems like I'm rushing. There are not enough hours in a day. 

The Contrast Art Show is tonight. 320 West 37th Street, New York City. 14th Floor 5 pm- 1 am. Lots of art, live performances, and I'll be continuing a live painting. The first night was yesterday, if you haven't caught this show before, be there tonight!

A few blocks away the Sakura Exhibit is open until June 16th. 147 West 35th Street, New York City. Open 10 am- 8 pm, Sundays 12- 6 pm. 

Opening in Amsterdam tonight at 7pm is The Pornsaints Exhibition. Open until August 31st at The Erotic Museum. Oudezijds Achterburgwal 54. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Also going on now is Anata Gallery's online exhibit. There is a vast variety of work to look at. Art book coming soon.

First two drawings of the Faces of the Apocalypse series. I ran out of materials so there is only one being painted at the show.
Sexual conquest/pestilence, followed by war. Look out for famine and death. I already drew them, but I'm really focusing on upping my quality. I'm reworking, redrawing, repainting as much as I need to. Slower, but better in the end. These also have changes from the scan to how they look on the paper and wood. Paintings are 18x20"

Also, my new oil paintings and website update are still on the way. I said June, but I'm just too busy. I have everything photographed, I just need some time to sit down and upload, color correct, then type out annoying html for a weekend. Have a great weekend, I'll try to get the new stuff up asap!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Honey Cake. June Shows

The month of May flew by. I still have a lot to get done in not much time.

I painted my Pornsaint piece over for the show in Amsterdam, but it was too heavy (too expensive) to ship, so I had to make a print. I haven't colored a piece digitally (more than flat layouts) in nearly a year. I'm pretty content at this point. Especially since I've re done it at least 3 times in different mediums. I've had so many issues with this piece from start to finish. I still have to print, sign and ship it, let's hope there will be no more delays.

Honey Cake: May Ling Su

The print will be exhibited in Amsterdam at the Erotic Museum. 
Opening June 10th- August 31st 2011
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 54Amsterdam Netherlands.

The Sakura Exhibition is coming to New York June 3rd- 16th.

The artwork will be sold for $30.00, the profit will go to the Japanese Red Cross for Tsunami and Earthquake victims.

Also in June is the next installation of The Contrast Art Show. (Design by me)

A group art show comprised of 20 artists, exhibited at the 320 Studios

14th floor, 320W 37th st, Manhattan, NY, 10018

June 9th & 10th 5pm-1am

320 Studios is proud to welcome the next installation of The Contrast Art Show. An art exhibition which puts together a variation of artists, artistic movement groups, and several upcoming galleries; in a frivolous attempt to show the rising styles and trends of art in New York City. A multifaceted show of beauty, performance and the creative spirit will split the night once again, in the form of 20 of New York’s top underground artists coming together all under one roof; alongside with live performances and body art presented to us by Valerie Vanone and Tracy Von Becker, a live painting session by Chelsea Greene Lewyta, an aerialist performance by Catherine Herrmann and a dancing light performance presented by Catherine Galasso.

We welcome onlookers to share in our own artistic revolution; come and watch the beginning of the future art world coming to a bloom. Join us for a night of excitement, exuberance, and most of all beauty. 

$5 donation recommended, but not required. No RSVP necessary

*Edit: Fixed the images, accidentally deleted it when I made a double post. You can now view it full view, and please do. It looks better that way.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Porn Saint Revision Drawing

This is a revision for my Porn Saint piece. Details later...

This afternoon in NYC:

Update later this weekend :x

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Shows 2011

Opening in an hour is the 2011 Sakura Exhibition in Tokyo. Although I'm not sure what is going on. I haven't watched the news yet today, I was told there was another earthquake. My thoughts and prayers are with those who are suffering. If you would like to donate to the victims, you can purchase a beautiful poster on the Sakura website. All profit will be donated through The Japanese Red Cross Society.

This is the first time I've shown my work in Asia. I jumped at the invitation. I colored two of my drawings digitally using newer programs (not completely happy, have to get my old programs back). The files were to be sent digitally and printed out on location.

The show is displaying in New York City in June, you can read the details here. I'll be posting more information closer to the opening.

Tomorrow night at 6 p.m. there is an opening at Lovebird Studio in Rosendale, New York. Most of my originals are on display along with some newly presented prints. The other artists include Lea Sophie, Fionn Reilly, Scott Michael Ackerman, Al Ackerman, Paul Heath, and Amy Ackerman.
430 Main Street. Rosendale, New York. 6-11 p.m.

I'll be showing back in New York City at the end of April. Details TBA. I have shows scheduled on the west coast and out of the country later this Spring and Summer. Much work to be done.

And, here is a snap from Contrast. It went very well.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Spring 2011

I've picked out a few pieces I made over the summer and am building on them. I have to finish some works from that time (well completely rework them now) that will be incorporated into this series later for upcoming shows. This drawing is for a 10" diameter wood panel, some of the negative space will be sanded away (from the paper).
The digital color is really sketchy in this one. About to start the next layer of paint. I'd take progress shots, but my time is scarce.

Back to work. Oh but first, I meant to post this sooner...

My friend of mine Sky Shatz, graduate of SVA, did a silk screen collaboration with one of the butterflies from the Butterfly Tragedy series. A few are already gone from my stock after Bleak March. I'll be selling what I have left at Contrast this Friday and Saturday. I will also have the first edition, run of five, prints from the same series. 7x5", $10. each. If you can not make the show and are interested in purchasing a print, send me an e-mail: Free shipping until my shop is set up.

You can also order the tee shirt through the SkyGraphx website.
Enter the code: CGBUTTERFLY to get a special discount.

Don't miss The Contrast Art Show this Friday and Saturday at 320 Studios. 320 W37th st 14th floor. New York City. 5 PM

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eviscerated Unicorn

An interpretation of the struggle between good and evil. It's a piece I've wanted to do for a long time but I hadn't developed the image in my mind until recently. 
This is a section from the drawing for a 54x20" triptych to be painted with oil on paper and wood. I've cut off the unfinished section because of how erotic it looks. It's designed to be a phallic symbol but for some reason when the serpent (hydra) isn't drawn, the silhouette is much more obvious. You'll have to wait to see the figure in her contemplation with the beast. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bleak March

Saturday March 19th, Annihilvs Power Electronix & Cupcakegoth present Bleak March at The Acheron in Brooklyn. 57 Waterbury Street @ 8 PM

I'll have some of my paintings displayed for the show, along with prints and goodies for sale. 

There is an outdoor gallery in the process around Waterbury Street. I will be painting a mural when the weather gets warmer. I'm working on a new body of work, different theme. These projects aren't related. It's also the same area from The Rabbit Room. It's an corner in Bushwick full warehouses, artists and musicians. There always seems to be shows going on, bands practicing, people creating. 

The Contrast Art Show at 320 studios will be having another installment, planned for March 25 & 26. I did some posters. The posters aren't finalized. So, update on that later. 

Monday, February 14, 2011


St. Valentine, a tragedy.
Death. Life. Mortality.