Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Goodies for you, Vacation for me

The shows this June kept me very busy. Following the shows I worked on a few commissions and had a couple paintings filmed in an upcoming independent movie set in Brooklyn called 'Leaving Circadia'.
The illustration I've been slaving over I can't show yet, have to wait for the release, but it should be in a few weeks. I drew a four panel cover for Victorian Hall's debut album released by Victory Records. It was a really awesome project.
When I have pictures and updates for both I'll be sure to share.

The Sakura Exhibition came to a close in NYC, and the prints were sold for charity for the Japanese natural disasters. 'The Lovers' print of mine, found a home, I'm very glad. The artists involved made desktop wallpapers with a sample of their work.

Check out the other artist's on the Sakura website.

I have something a little more personalized for you. I made custom patterns for the Victorian Halls project, but I didn't use this one so I decided to make patterned desktop wallpapers. Whatever system or screen resolution you have, they will work. They may even work with mobile devices if you have advanced settings. When you apply it as your desktop make sure you set it to 'tile'.
I don't mind if you share them, just credit me with a link to my work.

Choose from Rose, Mint or Lavender.

Sample of what it looks like tiled:

Later this July on the West Coast is the Launch 2011 Music, Design, and Fashion Festival. At the Greens Hotel I will have a room full of my work on display. Theres a lot of information for this show, please go to their website to read more.

This next week I'm going to be house sitting upstate and it is going to be a drawing and painting vacation for me. I have some personal work I want to indulge in, and a 3x3 ft private commission to get started on. Odin is coming along with me.

I'll be back with new work, way over due for an update, gotta get the website sorted out too. Enjoy the start of summer!