Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Spring 2011

I've picked out a few pieces I made over the summer and am building on them. I have to finish some works from that time (well completely rework them now) that will be incorporated into this series later for upcoming shows. This drawing is for a 10" diameter wood panel, some of the negative space will be sanded away (from the paper).
The digital color is really sketchy in this one. About to start the next layer of paint. I'd take progress shots, but my time is scarce.

Back to work. Oh but first, I meant to post this sooner...

My friend of mine Sky Shatz, graduate of SVA, did a silk screen collaboration with one of the butterflies from the Butterfly Tragedy series. A few are already gone from my stock after Bleak March. I'll be selling what I have left at Contrast this Friday and Saturday. I will also have the first edition, run of five, prints from the same series. 7x5", $10. each. If you can not make the show and are interested in purchasing a print, send me an e-mail: clewyta@gmail.com. Free shipping until my shop is set up.

You can also order the tee shirt through the SkyGraphx website.
Enter the code: CGBUTTERFLY to get a special discount.

Don't miss The Contrast Art Show this Friday and Saturday at 320 Studios. 320 W37th st 14th floor. New York City. 5 PM