Thursday, November 5, 2009

Postcard and revisions

*edit* Oh man! Thank you Lauren for saying something. I didn't realize how crazy the post office is. You can't send postcards with rounded corners for one... here:
SAVE that link! Gives you all the info to avoid being punished by nazi mailmen.

I did my new mailers, postcards, yesterday. I picked two pieces that I think have the most mass appeal. The Front image is tame enough to be acceptable for story book publishing, and content wise is heavy enough for editorial. Its a good example of a full color piece of mine. I took her nipples out and corrected some bad anatomy. The piece on the back, again can go for children's or editorial. The limited color is more appealing for newspaper and magazines. I plan to send out a heavier piece of mine to just magazines, galleries... places a nude girl being eaten out by a wolf won't be offensive.
I got rounded corners, which I think looks awesome. I hope they print alright :/

Post card Front and Back: