Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The sun is coming up..

.. or maybe it's already up. I can't see from my underground studio. (Yeah that's what I'll call this place). I'm really excited to finish coloring this, I can see it being my best piece to date. I've been working with more colors (larger range of value), and richer (more saturated and of darker value) colors. When I'm done with this (what is just blocks of flat color not blended is unfinished) I'll be printing it out on cotton rag paper. Then I'm going to seal it and start painting into it. It could be a complete failure, but I printed out some work on cut down stone henge and it seemed like a way to go. I've been trying to merge the two (digital + oil paint) for a while and haven't yet figured out the best way for all needs of the work to be met.
I have to go downtown. I have some work to do and I'm in desperate need to go to the art store. I'm ticked, I missed using two killer coupons for Blick. Why does everything close so early? The work plan for the week is to finish this, a commission of Odin the Norse God, secret children's book, re design my website, call a bunch of people (if you're reading this, I'll call you soon, I promise D:), then visit my Sister and friends upstate. I really just rather lock myself in here for a few more days and make a few more killer pieces for the update of my site. I want all pieces in my portfolio to be as awesome as I perceive this will be, 95%, With all Due Respect, and other recent favorites of mine. I'm completely and totally on fire as far as artistic drive and inspiration are concerned. Kind of losing track of time though...

Check out Sodium Magazine's #2 issue. My work is inside. Nothing you haven't seen, but the other artists and designers I'm sandwiched in between are pretty cool.

This is the next group show I'll be in. It's the show I mentioned in the previous post, for the arrival of Hunt & Gather. It will be at the Thinkspace Gallery in C.A. (I think I originally thought it was in London. I'm all confused, bad artist). The opening will be Friday, Aprill 9th. Click the image or website for more details.

Also, you can now fan me on facebook. I don't know if think link works directly:
I was hesitant about doing that, but a bunch of people were friending me for my work and I don't think they want to see my friends and I chatter about nonsense. Just another way to stay in touch with events, shows, and work of mine if you have the interest.