Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring, come faster...

Holy crap I've been busy. Let's see, I've been making progress on my secret children's book project. I was freelancing with Biolumina one week, and got a bunch of new projects in between. I met some cool freelancers there. I lost the paper, but I'll have to share their work. Last weekend I dropped everything because I was called in last minute by Skygraphx for Webster's Hall'sQuarterly Art Soiree. It was a blast. I did fashion and promotional modeling for Skygraphx and had a selection of my prints there. Met some awesome people and artists.

I've been working on and off this for a while now. A lot of back and forth. I'm still not sure it's done yet (besides text) but I'm really liking how it's looking. It's for album art inside and outside (duh).

I was asked to make revision on this, and I was thinking about doing so for a while. The chest was too fake looking... I essentially just gave her a boob job :O Looks way much better.

"Meat my Sins" This is a new drawing for an oil painting to be shown at the London Miles Gallery for the arrival of the art book by Tina Ziegler; Hunt & Gather. It's a collection of artists works, mine included. We'll all be submitting a 12"x12" for this event. I have a slightly different method for going about this piece. Can't wait...

I got a wonderful e-mail the other day from a young lady in Russia. I was floored, so humbled. It's such a huge compliment. She got a tattoo of one of my earlier works. Rock on!!