Friday, April 2, 2010

Peter and Red

Two parts of a triptych I'm working on in between jobs. I'm still working on Peter more, I was falling asleep by the end of it. The triptych includes the folklore from Peter & the Wolf and Little Red Ridding Hood constructed in the message I'm sending (main theme: another coming of age as that is part of my personal thesis I'm working on). I thought of better ideas for the center piece so I'm reworking that. I'm not even sure on the size/placing.
I'm heading up to my Sister's for Easter. I'm hoping to do a lot of work up there, I bet it's pretty. Maybe I'll bring my camera. I'll show some sneak peaks of the projects I'm working when I come back.


Also. Check out some press about Hunt & Gather on the Juxtapoz [website]
Be sure to get your copy! [Mark Batty Publishers]

Here is the finished painting I shipped off. I think my digital work is still stronger but I feel I'm making strides. It probably would have been smart to do this with a not so detailed piece. It's 12"x12"

pencil, ink wash, digital:

digital Print out on cotton rag paper, painted over with oil and drawn over with various pencils:

The show is opening April 9th at the Think Space Gallery. [More Information]


Also be sure to download the April wallpaper for you iphone, computer, or whatever electronic device you can fit it to by It isn't up yet, but I'm sure it will be soon, so check back. I did the piece for April if you remember it from months ago.


Have a great weekend and Happy Easter! Not in so much a religious way, but I really like bunnies. Who doesn't? Well if you don't you can go eat their chocolate heads off.