Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rabbit Faces 3/6

I've done about 10 portraits, and I've only kept my favorites. I'll be doing one series of 3 for the Ceres show, and a coupling series of 3 when I rework the second part of my concept. Probably not for this show. 30x40 is coming along. My camera cord has broke... but I'm going to be getting an SLR soon. Now I can't even take crappy photos... unless I resort to my "smart" phone. You'll just have to wait.

These are the scans with a little digital color of the ones I kept.

I'll be having a large selection of prints and proofs at the upcoming show 'Last Chance' at the Marketplace Gallery this Friday. I'm bringing my older work from Pratt to hopefully get off my hands. If you are looking to get an original, I'm pricing these under $75 for 4 and 5 color silk screens. If you can't make it to Albany you can still purchase work. I'll post pictures as soon as they are available. You can contact me or the gallery if you are interested. Besides my work there will be a mess of artists from here (NYC) to Albany exhibiting work for under $100 and three featured artists.

Last Chance
Friday, December 3 · 5:30-8:30 pm
The Marketplace Gallery. 
40 Broadway, suite #23. Albany, NY