Saturday, November 20, 2010

Small Works & Ceres Artists

"While our bodies have emerged from the forest, our souls remain tangled in flora, battling the beasts we created" 
-Chelsea Greene Lewyta, Winter 2010

The Ceres show is less than 3 weeks away. Take a peek of what I'm working on for it.

First finished drawing for the bunny portraits. There will be a total of 6. To be painted.

Commissioned mini triptych, 9 x 5" Drawing to be painted.

You can see the panels I'm using here. I started on watercolor paper, but decided I wanted to use oil to finish, so switched to cotton rag (drawing above is on). The portrait seen here may be scrapped. I found the rabbit canvases at Pearl Paint on Canal Street and had to get them. The rabbit has been a key symbol in my work for years, I've been using them a lot recently. February 3rd marks the new year of the rabbit and it's my year.

Why so small? I'm traveling for the Holiday, I'll need to take some work with me. I'm also working on the new 40x30", drawing in previous post. I'd like to do an additional medium sized piece as well, but time will surely run out.

I'd like to introduce you to a few of the featured artists for the upcoming show:

The New American Art Show: The Best New Contemporary Art of our time
Thursday, December 9th 2010. 5-8 pm.
Ceres Gallery. 547 West 27 Street. New York, NY

Tracy Von Becker

Zofia Bogusz


Enjoy your weekend