Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fishy Update

Something fishy is going on. A moment ago it said my blog had been removed, got to some page about suspicious activity, changed my password, then it was all better. If you know what that might mean, let me know. I had an issue with someone spamming my blog with porn links a few months ago. Why do people put so much effort into causing grief for others?

The drawing for the 2nd 40"x30" scanned and given a little color.

The shows went very well. I sold at Beast, The Marketplace, and The Contrast Art show. More shows are being planned now. The next one is in Chelsea, and I'm over the moon excited. It's December 9th at the Ceres Gallery. I'll post more details about it closer to the date.
I've been traveling, then got quite ill, had to replace both my tablet and my computer. I now have a 27" imac, it's a beautiful piece of machinery. Ha, now that I'm oil painting, I get a nice computer. I still need it for my illustration jobs though. A bigger studio is gonna have to wait...
I have 4 new paintings, but they are not in my studio. Before the opening in Chelsea I will spend whatever needs to get spent to have my work photographed properly for a website update. It's frustrating that I don't have my new paintings accessible online.

The Marketplace Gallery

(Lia Smaka on the right wall)

The Contrast Art Show

To see more pictures (and video!) from the shows vist The Marketplace Gallery's Photostream