Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Coming Of Age

Finally finished this darn thing(s). You can see in the pictures before and after butchering. I was pissed, but I'm just letting it go.
I also put color on, this is how these pieces would look if I had my way, but the gallery show is specifically black and white on paper. Enjoy. Does no one comment on my blog anymore? I don't feel the love :(

I wanted to actually go into what this is about. Bare with me. This is a coming of age piece. The left represents the female struggle, and the right, the male's struggle. Female side deals with birth, loss of innocence, sexuality, menstruation, life, etc. Male side deals with the phallic struggle (phallic tentacles v.s. phallic knife), abjection, urges/sexuality, death, etc. I could say a ton more, but I hate spelling it out. In real life I talk about my work with more grace, but its 3:30 am and I have to get up at 7....

(P.S. No artwork is complete without Odin's butt having been on it.)