Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alice and Kenny

Been sketching today, so my hand obeys me better. Something is strange with either my paper or leads, they are too slippery. I ran out of Stonehenge so I've been using Bristol vellum, yuk.

This is one of two sketch for the next gallery show for the "Kids are Alright" tour. It's about body image, culture, and gender. The second one will be a male figure, and I'll just let you figure out what each animal and object represents. The finish will include abstracted painted text (these are to go on large wood panels and painted). Imagine them looking like the "Virgin" piece I had done a bit ago.

And here is an Odin cause I haven't whored him in a bit. (Oh and look he finially makes an apperance in my art, hes been bugging me a while to draw him in a finish).

And the boy... I need to go back over it with a sharper edge. Hate this paper.