Saturday, August 30, 2008

Work is ready,Summer is over

I never got around to doing my tee-shirts for a few reasons. For one, I've never done them before and while watching a friend do her's I didn't think it would work out so nicely especially with delicate line art. I also didn't want to invest more money than I already have into this, my funds are very low right now. Looking back over the summer, my very last summer before I hit the real world. I did a nice body of work and am getting a lot of offers. I did get in and win an award in the SOI show, and had two gallery shows, one international.

I bought all these pens and pencils and such to play with. My teachers keep telling me to use ink, but I honestly don't like using ink at all, nor do I especially like how it looks. The goose picture I did my normal drawing, then went back with a brush pen, which I've done in a few other pieces and people really liked them, I don't like how it looks. The fairy picture (oh and the wings are on vallem paper- will put together when I scan) I used some kind of carbon pencil or something. Why didn't I think of it before, its so obvious. I'm also going to try charcoal pencil and start to shade things a bit with another piece, but I can't find a good brand. Charcoal is so chalky... I wonder if they make a smooth charcoal pencil.