Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pink and Pomegranate

I've had this blog a while, I'm so bad at posting things. I like to stay in my head... I've done a bunch of stuff over this summer, I have yet to post it to my website either, but its all over the place.
This is my current project. Two sets of two to be silk screened. Its for my upcoming show down south in September. This along with the other seven paintings from the previous show in Sydney earlier this summer. When I'm not sick anymore I'll go to the print lab. These are just the digital layouts.

I think I'll be doing tee-shirts too, but only one color of the line art. I don't really have time to do 3 color tees on like 3 different sizes and two different sexes. If I don't get better soon I may not even be able to do the tee-shirts :(