Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Goodbye Summer

I'm still without internet, but that is being fixed today. Heres all the work I've been doing... Libra Tattoo design for a client. I colored it just for the hell of it. I wanted it to look reminiscent an art nouveau style wine label. I scanned this hot dude from my anatomy book to work out placement. I like the top right... that would be awesome. I think my client is doing it small on his shoulder though like the top left.

Painting commission from a couple who saw my show in London. They didn't like it though... and really wanted something closer to the original piece. The really shitty photo probably didn't help. Failure on my part : However I personally really like the painting. Working out details with them now. (Original digital composure at the bottom).
Personal piece I'm working on called "Breast Feeder". Process and work in progress pictures. My camera sucks for artwork, pictures come out WAY darker and yellowed. Don't ask about "KING", I wanted to try using type, but screw it, I think its way more powerful to communicate without words. I think text in artwork defeats the purpose of the artwork, but thats just my personal opinion. I'm sure there are artists who could pull it off wonderfully, but none are coming to mind. I need to lighten the deer and the overall piece in general.

This drawing was found in my folder of handmade paper, so I decided to do something with it. Its a drawing a vellum, colored pencils on the back and matte mediumed to paper I made at Pratt a few years ago. It warped, so its sitting under books until it flattens and I can finish it. This image is half digital, messing around with it until I figure out what exactly to do.