Monday, April 13, 2009

SoHo Gig

Well I was asked, along with 20ish other local artists to do this music/art event in Soho. Basically they give us a song or two and we make a big drawing on canvas with marker and they film it in their studio. Later they sync it up and play our filmed drawings to the music at this big party/event thing. We were given the option to draw it ahead of time, and when we get there, transfer it then go wild with the sharpie. Given my detailed linework, I'm going to work everything out before hand. So this is what I'm working on. My tracks were "Beating Like a Drum" and "London Bombs" by Eskimo Joe. I really liked the "London Bombs" song and pulled the lyrics:

Drag me by my ankles
To the bottom of the ocean
There I'll stay forever
Until you come back from England

the London Bombs x4

I stay up forever
And try to call your number
But you are lost forever
In the early days of winter

I'm also inspired by recent "love" events in my life, so combined this is what I've got.

(still in progress- excuse the photo its on 22x30 and I'm not going to scan until I have to)