Friday, January 23, 2009

Litho Project

I'm going to have so much work to do this semester, but I'm really excited. I was so out of it the last two semesters and I'm back on track I feel. This semester I'm taking my two senior projects, with Chang (Park) and Tim (O'brien). I'm taking Life Study with David Gothard, I always take some class like that so I don't get lazy with figure drawing. I'm also taking a Litho class and a few fun libral arts classes.

So this is my sketch for Litho, and I just scribbled some color on it, my "color map" as I call it. The content is eh, about female circumsison, but really I just wanted to draw something with patterns and textures to see how it works out in litho. I've never done that print making yet, and everyone tells me it will be perfect for my work. We'll see. I have a feeling the prints I do will suck for a while until I get use to that way of working.